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Patent File Histories

Largest Patent File Inventory

Quickly access patent file histories for your prosecution, litigation, and research and development needs. With more than 200,000 files available for immediate download. And no limits to how far back they go.

Intelligence – Easy to Retrieve

Easily retrieve critical information—intelligently organized by our experts, distinctly bookmarked to simplify navigation. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology ensures the highest level of accuracy.

Family Reports with Unique Details – For Free

Get a comprehensive view of international patent activity. Including complete INPADOC details and legal status information — a Clarivate Analytics exclusive. Also includes US post-issuance information such as assignment change, litigation information, Certificates of Correction and maintenance fee status.

Close Proximity to the USPTO

Get updated files quickly. Our location next to the United States Patent and Trademark Office means faster retrieval.

Extensive Global Coverage

Get your international file histories—quickly and cost-effectively. Our global network spans more than 40 countries/regions, including:

Argentina Eurasia Italy Scotland
Australia  Europe Japan Singapore
Austria Finland Korea Slovakia
Belgium France Luxembourg South Africa
Brazil Germany Malaysia Spain
Canada Great Britain Mexico Sweden
Chile Greece Netherlands Switzerland
China Hong Kong New Zealand Taiwan
Colombia Hungary Norway Thailand
Czech Republic Iceland PCT (World) Turkey
Denmark Iran Philippines United Kingdom
Egypt Ireland Poland Uruguay
England Israel Portugal Wales

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